Who we are

Our history

«Inspired by the scents of Mediterranean herbs and by the desire to enhance the uniqueness of every beauty»

For the past 20 years, the dream of creating a line of phytoceutical products for the care and beauty of the body, which contains the essences of Mediterranean herbs and plant extracts from Sardinia, has come true.

From the need to develop increasingly innovative products suited to the needs of the aesthetic market, the first products of the Fitomediterranea brand were born, 12 lines of treatments with increasingly specific and cutting-edge eco-dermo-compatible phytoceutical formulations through research and biotechnological innovation .

Fitomediterranea is today the leading company in Sardinia in the sector of professional phytoceutical cosmetics in beauty centers and SPAs.

The Founder

Marco Abis, founder of the Fitomediterranea brand, inspired by the passion for his roots, for his land and for the nature and herbs of which it is rich, carries forward his great project with strong determination: to create excellent phytoceutical cosmetics starting from research of Mediterranean plant extracts and enhancing their properties with the help of biotechnology.

Mission and Vision

We are committed to studying new formulations to create highly performing eco-dermo-compatible professional phytoceutical products thanks to the use of latest generation biotechnologies in synergy with natural Mediterranean phyto-extracts, with the aim of providing professionals in the aesthetic sector with top-quality treatments. quality to cure and enhance beauty.

Our goal is to become one of the major representatives of Mediterranean phytocosmetics with unique and innovative formulations, expanding the reference market of the aesthetic and pharmaceutical sector. On the international market we want to consolidate our presence and be a guarantee of Made in Italy quality.

Our Values

«We take care of beauty helped by the intelligence of nature»

We believe in beauty

We produce professional cosmetic excellence for face and body for all skin types.

We believe in the force of nature

100% natural plant extracts and Mediterranean active ingredients are the basis of all face and body products.

We believe in the synergy between biotechnology and nature

We develop phytoceutical formulations, the result of the encounter between natural essences and latest generation biotechnological compounds.

We love the environment

We create eco-dermo-compatible products and look for solutions that can reduce the environmental impact.

We love our land

We enclose the scents and unique properties of Sardinian plants and herbs in a line of phytoceutical cosmetics and fragrances of the highest quality.

Research and Innovation

«Mediterranean herbs and science meet to transform nature's intelligence into effective cosmetic formulations»

Research and development

From the search for natural active ingredients in synergy with biotechnological active ingredients of the latest discovery, we develop formulations of great phytoceutical innovation.

Active Mediterranean

The study of native and Mediterranean plants and their unique properties is the basis of our research which brings together the strength of these and other 100% natural extracts with the latest research active ingredients.

Testing And Analysis

Our eco-dermo-compatible formulations are produced without EDTA, BHT, parabens and dyes. Accredited external laboratories also perform dermatological tests and nickel and metal tests.

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