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Adjustable weight set up to 24.9 kg (including rack-bars-weights)

Adjustable weight set up to 24.9 kg (including rack-bars-weights)

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The MX55 pro-style handlebar design is unmatched in the weight market. The elegant and original shape of the set, the safety features inspire confidence and interest in weightlifting enthusiasts. A unique selling point is the industry first MX SELECT rack and pinion system, which ensures rapid weight selection and breakthrough performance. MX55 can be considered a high-end product, offering exceptional value and performance in the weight class.

Handcrafted from steel - look and function like a professional dumbbell

Perfect Balance - Weight length shortens evenly on each side when a smaller weight is selected.

Smooth and quiet operation - changing weights does not involve weight handling

No protruding knobs or ends - dials recessed into collars after weight selection

Handle design – biomechanical and ergonomic precision

Unique rack and pinion design - firmly locks weight plates in a firm and secure position

Exceptional value – the price per kg is close to the average of most models on the market.

Easy to handle - can be removed and handled 180 degrees

WEIGHT: 6.8 to 24.9 kg in 2.25 kg increments

16" long - end to end (55 lbs) / off the rack
24.3cm long - end to end (6.8kg) / off the rack

Handle length: 13.2cm inner dimensions / 2.9cm diameter
Stand Dimensions: 18.7"L X 22"W X 30"H
Total weight with stand: 62.3 kg
Distance from the outside of the handle to the outside of the weight: approx. 10.2 cm

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