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QUZY Shoulder Massage

QUZY Shoulder Massage

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The Shiatsu massage that follows you everywhere
Your personal massage therapist, your personal freedom. Because Quzy is wireless, so it can be used anywhere.
At home, in the office, in the park, the flexible massage device makes every place your personal rest and relaxation space.

Eight times the depth effect
Quzy relieves tension and stiffness in the body, freeing you from irritating discomforts.
The 8 rotating massage heads relax muscles, stimulate blood flow and specifically relieve pain in particular areas.

Personalized "pampering" programme
With the armrests, you can position the massager perfectly and adjust the intensity to your personal sensitivity by manually pulling.
The speed of the rotation can also be adjusted to three levels.
The heating function provides even deeper muscle relaxation, intensifying the positive effects.
Quzy always adapts to your personal sensibility.

Effective massage
Enjoy the rejuvenating Shiatsu massage with the 8 massage heads that completely relax with alternating rotation. You don't have to think about anything, because there is a time limit, which automatically ends the duration of the treatment, which is recommended up to 15 minutes.

Versatile application
Free yourself from tension, stiffness and muscle pain. With Quzy, you can enjoy an effective massage exactly where you feel pain. Whether in the neck or shoulder area, in the lumbar area, on the buttocks or stomach, in the thighs and finally on the feet, Quzy takes care of your entire body.

Ideal in any place and for a modern lifestyle
Experience the high level of comfort thanks to the wireless design, long armrests and ergonomic massage cushion.
Hidden checks have been embroidered into the fabric and a soft lined cover provides a particularly natural feel-good experience.
The massage and heating function can have their best effect with the sturdy and breathable mesh fabric.

Color: Light Grey
Surface material: Cotton
Power supply: AC 220V 50/60Hz
Product dimensions: 146cm x 16cm x 17cm
Weight: 1.7kg
Accessories: Power adapter, Charging cable

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